SR Active Bluetooth



The new SR Vincent & Lola Active Bluetooth speakers are perfect for both professional and domestic use anywhere, from the office to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the living room, and all wireless.

Enjoy your music

wherever you want, thanks also to the possibility to select SINGLE or PAIR configuration. Solid electronic design guarantees audio performance at the highest quality levels possible in the range.

with remote-control

Easy to use

The led, positioned inside the beauty mark on the stylized face, change color depending on the input selected.

Performance doesn't end here

for insertion in more traditional configurations, these speakers have a TOSLINK optical input, a RCA Stereo input, a 3,5 mm jack and a SUB output socket.


Various optionals make these products extremely versatile. In the "Active Bluetooth" version, Vincent or Lola can be used also singly. They are also equipped with a STEREO/MONO switch.

Power and Control

ICEpower and The Vario's, together; at your service with a technological state of the art.


  • System Bass reflex
  • Power outputRMS 25 W × 2
  • Signal to noise ratio ≥90 dBA
  • Frequency response 75 Hz ˜ 20 KHz (+/-6 dB)/li>
  • Input type Bluetooth/AUX/Toslink/RCA stereo
  • Output type Subwoofer
  • Input sensitivity 500 mV ± 50 mV
  • Adjustment Volume knob / input selection, remote control
  • Driver unit 3 inch
  • Dimensions 165(W) × 240(H) × 200(D) mm
  • Weight (pair) approx. 6,50 kg